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Divaz Media.

Divaz Media hold a background in the entertainment industry and enfold its wings as Divaz Entertainment Solution & Divaz Business Solution. Divaz Media & Films is a one-stop solution for artists with ease to manage and build a micro-website, profile & social pages. The Business solution section looks into building & maintaining the reputation and connects amongst the target market through effective PR ship of the company and creative campaign on-field and over social media with constructive digital marketing.



Many people have faith in these stories and many do not have any faith. Therefore, here I am, to shed a light on every aspect of it that too based on my research, facts and some solid proof. Our Hindu Mythology remains with mysteries and enigma. My solitary purpose is to dig into the truth and present you all real facts and the history behind it. Nobody has the power to know fully about Lord Shiva, but we will submit you some interesting stories about Lord Shiva and Sanatan Dharm through Shivaksh.


Shivaksh Media.

At SHIVAKSH MEDIA, do more than the expected. Their work begins with a strategy designed to bring together in a way that thrives all brand initiatives, channels and activities. Their process is based on a collaborative approach to clients. Contemporary brand communication is something people really want to be part of. To activate your audience, we’re here for that.

Hamari Sanskriti.

Hamari Sanskriti is an international travel, media and Entertainment Company. We create stories that reveal what a place, its people and its culture is unique and special. Creative and editorial teams in-house collaborate with a creative creator network to tell location-centred stories around the world, including posts, images, photography, illustration, and animation. We want to encourage people to plan their journeys, to go beyond their cultural boundaries and to communicate with their world. We aim to bring everyone to the world and bring them closer to each other.

Yes I Am.

A first-of-its-kind multi-talent show, YES I AM is set to become one among India’s best reality shows of all time. Bringing together all forms of talents, from dancing and singing to stand-up comedy on the same platform, the show will be telecast online to a worldwide audience.

My Travel Story.

My Travel Story – contains experience, reality and description about my tours in various places of my Ancient, Historical and Incredible India. Tourists and nomads share their real experience about their travel, visits and adventures. My Travel Story is brought by Mr. Aakash Jugraj who had a knack for travel to unexplored places.


NewsCCM will give you the latest updates on Bitcoin & Ethereum Crypto News. Also NewsCCM will give you latest updates on cryptocurrency, ICO, blockchain, Mining, and decentralized applications. In this fast growing world cryptocurrency has become a part of internet based online medium exchange. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in the digital world. Ethereum is an open, blockchain-based software platform that allows developers to create and deploy decentralized apps.

My Intro.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the launch of MY INTRO a new platform created by DIVAZ MEDIA. The concept, one of its kind, will empower an artist with an ability to present themselves by creating their own short introduction videos called ‘MY Intro’. The platform holds the potential to make such videos go viral using multiple social media platforms and other media channels that will help promote an artist, entirely free of cost.

Blockchain Mirror.

We are among the global blockchain companies having more than four years of experience developing a Blockchain application. We have been operable since the blockchain industry flourished. We have helped many blockchain startups to achieve their goal. Our experienced developers and analyst can help start-ups and individuals to build a new blockchain. Our team includes experts of blockchain who has a vast experience in Security, Reliability & Authenticity. 

Lepakshi Media.

We are a global communication & advertising company that partners to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations with the world’s leading companies and organizations. Our proven strategy is to engage the public over time to gain lasting confidence. The most reliable anti-competitive disruption insurance, the antidote to consumer indifference, and the best path to continued growth.


overs the national and international economy that can affect people.

Legal Nation.

LEGAL NATION is an organization in India which helps people who are unaware about all the legal terms and conditions that they may face in various sectors such as the Tax sector, Company Foundation or any other sector where the term “legal” is used. 

On The Road India.

On The Road is an online community portal for fellow travelers who like to go on exciting road trips and share their experiences and reviews. On The Road is started with a specific goal to guide the fellow travelers in their expedition. 

Gov Yojna.

Government Yojna is a knowledge portal in the field of social development that addresses country needs. This portal is developed as a single-window access to information, products and services with a specific goal of reaching, especially poor, the’ unreached’ communities of India. This catalyzes, leading to growth, the use of Government resources for knowledge sharing.

App Media.

App media is a portal for tech geeks and its sole purpose is to provide them with up to date information on the latest apps and techs. 

Kitchen Philosophy.

Kitchen Philosophy is a web-based food online publication celebrating kitchen life through home cooking and culinary knowledge. Every day we publish articles that educate and inspire every aspect of home cooking, from recipes to cooking lessons to product reviews to kitchen design and refurbishment advice.

The Help Media.

What do you do when you see something in your community that needs to change? Shout at the television that’ someone should do something about it?’ Rant online about how the system is broken and how people just don’t get it? What if we were all putting up our hand to do something, big or small, instead of doing that.

The Health Media.

Business Today is the most widely read business magazine, covering latest news on business and economy. With a highly targeted audience, the magazine caters to the top business leaders and managers. Its online version provides latest Business news, and covers the national and international economy that can affect people.

The Broadcast Media.

The Broadcast Media offers services for the press release and multimedia delivery that enable the Earned Media Advantage: increased brand awareness, increased traffic and increased spending on media and marketing communications

Kisan Vikas India.

Farmers guarantee food security for tomorrow. We often perform several additional functions that benefit the environment, the economy and society in addition to this essential function of the food supply. Kisan Vikas – A comprehensive and innovative portal for agriculture helps rural communities drive efficiencies and sustainability. We help farmers become more linked, more integrated, and more educated than ever before. At the right time, we provide you with the right information from sowing, feeding, preserving your crops to harvest. 

The Memorable Moments.

The Memorable Moments is India’s leading bridal media brand that provides comprehensive wedding information and inspiration to a target audience of smart, spirited, and sophisticated couples. 


Aquaterias Alkaline Initiative is dedicated to the highest quality of alkaline water, food, health & wellness delivered with care, thoughtfulness and empathy.

Style Forever.

Style Forever is Shivaksh Media’s online lifestyle online publication which focuses on providing the latest news and information on Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Self-Care, Home Decor, Health & Fitness and many more. We strive to be authentic and provide relevant information to our readers. 

Miracle Me.

Miracle me is honored to have the privilege of publishing motivational and inspirational quotes, stories and inner feelings from people across the world. Miracle me have no boundaries, no race, no gender and no politics. This website is what the internet was made for: Clean, Edited and Relevant Information about Life for All Ages. It is who we are, and nothing more.


AmpliReach connect the most inspiring content creators with exciting brands and upcoming brands.